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Eclipse Classes
Training Philosophy

This site is not an official site for IPRO Corp., maker of Eclipse. To go directly to their website, please click here. This site is operated and maintained by an individual who is certified to train and support Eclipse, by IPRO Corp.

Eclipse (SQL) Training

In-house Eclipse (SQL) Training

Bob Meyers typically trains up to 8 students (or 12, with assistance) in a classroom setting. That classroom can be as formal as a training room with dedicated computers, or as informal as a conference room with his laptop and a screen with everyone watching and taking notes. Since he trains across the country, Bob has the information typically needed for CLE certification readily available if needed. The rate is daily, half daily or hourly. There is also a discount for multi-day trainings held consecutively.

Remote Eclipse (SQL) Training

Bob has the ability to conduct training remotely and has done so successfully with many firms from coast-to-coast for several years. Since hands-on training is still the best manner in which to learn software, he has the ability to connect directly to your Eclipse SE software, or have you connect to his software (especially helpful if trying to learn Eclipse (SQL) if you're looking for work or trying to learn the software on your own). He can incorporate quizzes and a feedback form, so whomever manages the training in-house has some sort of yardstick to ensure quality training. The rate is hourly, with no student limit.

Ad-hoc Eclipse (SQL) Training

Bob also has just started to conduct trainings where any individual or group can sign up for training, conducted in a conference room in an office located centrally in whichever city it's conducted. There is a per-person charge, and a minimum of registered students.

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