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IPRO Eclipse Specifics
Eclipse vs SE

This site is not an official site for IPRO Corp., maker of Eclipse. To go directly to their website, please click here. This site is operated and maintained by an individual who is certified to train and support Eclipse, by IPRO Corp.

What is IPRO's Eclipse SQL/Web?

As technology continues to advance, your organization is gaining access to even more Discovery data than ever before. To manage this data explosion, you need a review solution that minimizes review time, reduces errors, and predicts responsive data using real-time review analytics... You need IPRO Eclipse. With all your files consolidated into a unified view, IPRO Eclipse offers unparalleled flexibility and case control. With a built-in dashboard, the status of a case is never in question, and with powerful tools such as predictive coding and digital fingerprinting, you can go farther faster by putting technology to work.

Geographical boundaries no longer exist

In today’s world, data needs to be accessible on demand, and with IPRO Eclipse, you can securely access case data from anywhere in the world using a web browser. You get all the features and functions you’ve come to expect in a review application, delivered seamlessly and securely through the web. In addition to extending your reach via the Internet, IPRO Eclipse was built to accommodate your work style. A flexible user-interface allows you to set up the application the way that suits you best. Resize, rearrange, and dock windows to your liking. Organize documents using smart folders for easy retrieval based on pre-defined rules set up by you. With Eclipse, having the freedom to work where you want and how you want is truly at your fingertips.

Finish faster with better results

To shorten the time it takes you to do a review, IPRO Eclipse was built with features that help do the heavy lifting for you. The Eclipse predictive coding engine will help you identify and categorize ‘like’ documents. Uncover family relationships up to eight levels deep, and be notified where exact and near duplicates exist so time is not lost combing through repetitive data. Apply additional leverage to your review via search wizards and include/exclude family members from search results, create multiple indexes, and where appropriate combine previous queries with current search criteria. With Eclipse, data management just got a whole lot easier.

Advanced Analytical Review

For many law firms, litigation review is the most time consuming and expensive portion of litigation, taking approximately 70% of the total costs of document production. To alleviate this pain, web-based legal review software Eclipse incorporates advanced analytics, computer assisted review functionality, and cutting-edge features which allow law firms to streamline their workflow, reduce inefficiency and save time and money throughout the review process.

Start Smarter

Manual, linear review of large litigation document collections is becoming more and more unrealistic as data growth continues to explode. Courts have ruled computer assisted review is an acceptable and defensible strategy when dealing with such matters. Eclipse uses advanced analytics to identify and thread email conversations, find and compare near duplicate documents, and cluster conceptually like documents together, giving you an immediate “first look” at the collection before even starting your review. Speed up review time and increase accuracy by reviewing logical “clusters” of documents in the same batch.

Put Technology To Work

The analytics package found within Eclipse is able to prioritize documents based on relevance by using a small set of ‘sample’ documents. After an initial human review of the sample set, Eclipse quickly uses this set to sort the population into categories and leaves irrelevant documents as “uncategorized”. By using innovative document categorization technology this computer assisted workflow allows firms and organizations to achieve better reviews faster


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